June 20, 2019

COMING SOON: New Morning Routine and Workout Bootcamp

Waking up with a morning routine that includes focusing on my health and wellness has changed my life. And almost every morning that includes working out even if for only 20 minutes. So my goal is to help you create your own morning routine that includes working in and out. Working in covers your mindset and even faith focused, and working out covers the physical aspect. You will jump start your day, and I'm going to give you the tools to do it! 

Maybe that sounds cliche, over simplified, but its truth. So, when I heard the name of this new program I thought - YES - let's do this! Super Trainer Jericho McMathhews will launch Morning Meltdown 100 this summer with 100 new workouts. Believe me, if you workout for 100 days, your life will change!

So you know me and how I love a focused challenge that helps us get and stay fit from within, and this got me to thinking. What if we gather as many Soulfit Mamas as possible to form a group of faithful women that are ready to conquer their mornings and health goals! Think about it: not feeling behind before the day begins, quiet time before everyone else in the house wakes, daily Bible reading to center your heart, and checking off your daily workout that will no doubt increase your energy. That's kind of like a survival guide for moms in my opinion!

Important Dates
Our Morning Mindset Club enrollment opens next week on June 24th! That's so close!! That same day, there will be a FREE sample workout to preview this new program on Beachbody on Demand (BOD). If you don't have BOD, I can help you get access to check it out. The Morning Meltdown 100 Coach VIP exclusive purchase window opens July 1, with sneak peek access to the first 10 workouts of the program during that 2 week period. Then Customer VIP enrollment will begin July 16 with workouts kicking off July 29.

How It Works
My favorite thing about these groups is how a group of women who've committed to being healthy come together to reach their goals. We focus on improving our nutrition, follow an in-home fitness program, all centered around our faith. This specific bootcamp has a morning routine focus that will change your life if you follow through! Through fitness, nutrition, accountability, and peer support, the group helps each other reach their goals. My bootcamps support women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and personalities! I would love to help you reach your morning routine and health goals! Invite a friend or two and let's do this! You have been searching high and low, and maybe even praying for a way to conquer your day and health goals. I am going to help you do that. The resources that you will receive and the content our team has planned for you are going to help you set goals and achieve them.

So What Does it Cost
So maybe you're all in and ready but wondering how much it will cost. I would be thinking the same thing so get it! I love that our bootcamps are affordable and convenient for everyone no matter. The total value of this program is exponentially more than it costs. You can get access to the Morning Mindset Club for $220. I will break it down in another post about what all this covers and show you how this isn't just a fluffy bundle of a deal but legit resources to help turn your mindset and body in the positive direction that you want.

Get on the Launch Wait List
If you're ready for more information as we update, click here. You will be added to the launch list, get launch updates, and we can chat to decide if this is a fit for what you have been searching for so long! You can also complete the form below!

Stop letting your day get away from you before it even starts. Start taking control of your mindset and health by joining our Morning Mindset bootcamp!


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June 4, 2019

Beach Packing List for Your Family

Going to the beach this summer? We leave tomorrow and driving to Destin, FL! I am so excited about it, that I had to share some things with you! Staring with this jamming packing list! Whether you're going with your family or girls trip, this packing list will keep you organized, keep you focused while doing it, and save you time instead of writing your own list. Win-win-win!

Before I dive into all things beach and packing, maybe you're thinking how does a packing list fit into being healthy and the other info I've shared with you before. If so, then you're observant and I like that! My overall goal is to help women like you live your best life - health, wellness, and every day things like this. Getting ready for one of the best times of year with your favorite people can turn into an added layer of stress if you don't know where to start or already have 100 other tasks to finish before you head out! True story - I just updated my IG bio to be more in line with helping you with things like this. I'm working on so much goodness to share with you - starting with this!

So last week when I sat down to make my own packing list, I thought, "Why am going to handwrite our packing list again this year?! What if I created something helpful for me and my people (that's you!)?!" That's the birth of a pretty, all-inclusive, AMAZE beach vacay packing list that we use year after year!

We live in Alabama and have the luxury of packing my SUV to the roof and driving about 5 hours to the Gulf Coast. If you're flying to your favorite beach, this list will still have you covered!

If you're loving the list but still feeling lost on things like how much of each item, reputable brands for thinks like sunscreen, or beach essentials for kids, that's coming next!

TIPS on HOW to maximize this beach vacay packing list:
  • Use the list first as a shopping list. These are the things you will need on your vacation. Go through your closet and storage from last summer to make sure you have the items, they still fit, and to identify what you need to buy the month or weeks leading up to your trip.
  • Print the list and check off each item that you packed. Now, take the list with you on vacation so you know what all you packed. As you pack to head home, draw a line through the checked items. This will help avoid leaving your items behind at the condo or beach house.
  • If you're not a paper and pen girl, take a screen shot of the packing list. Head over to Instagram stories, choose the list pic, and use the pen tool to add checkmarks. If you don't finish your packing at this time, choose to save the image to your phone (do not choose add to stories, because well that would be confusing to your viewers - ha!). If you have an iPhone, go to your phone cameral roll, tap the heart to save this as a Favorite photo. When you pick up your next packing sash, go to your favorite photos, and repeat this process.
Last thing, if you want to download a nice higher resolution image of this beach vacay packing list, click here, click on the packing list image, and then save to your device or computer for printing.

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May 24, 2019

Memorial Day Food to Stay on Track

Are you searching for recipes to make this Memorial Day weekend that won't completely blow up your meal plan or take forever to prep? Check out this healthier take on an All American cookout menu I created for you to serve your family, choose a single dish to take to a party, or can be scaled if you're hosting a party!

Here are a few of my thoughts when it comes to eating healthy, cookouts/barbecues - whichever you call them, and recipes. Balance, portions, and moderation are always #1, no matter what you're eating. I believe in the loaded cheeseburger with the bun, cheese, and bacon when that is what you have planned for and a treat that fits within a meal plan that supports your health goals. But I want to teach you how to prepare a meal that can be scaled up or down in the treat department and how not every time you grill must be a treat. You can serve up a delicious and nutritious meal that is 100% on plan.

Here is an All American Hamburger & Hot Dog Cookout menu for Memorial Day or pretty much any time this summer when you (or your mister) fire up the grill. I loved creating this menu for you, because it is simple, is balanced, and can be easily scaled based on the number of people you're serving.

A {Healthier} All American Hamburger & Hot Dog Cookout
Let's be honest, sometimes you want the bun and all the burger fixins - I so get that! This menu is for all you mamas that are short on time, want to put together a quick yet cleaned up cookout that doesn't take all the time in the world. Because let's be honest, we have piles of laundry - not piles of minutes laying around.

Hamburgers served on Quality Buns
Checkout this guide on how to grill the best burgers. Choose your toppings wisely and remember, sometimes less is more when it comes to flavor! Choose whole grain or sprouted buns with no to little sugar added. If you're going to eat bread, choose wisely. Based on how much time you have to prep, number of guests, and even flavor cravings, you can add any burger garnish you choose - different cheeses, bacon, avocado for a healthy fat, mushrooms, or keep it super simple with sugar free ketchup, mustard, and homemade or vegan mayo.  Have a bowl of fresh spring mix on the table for those that choose the Baby Red Potato Salad (below) instead of the bun!

Uncured Bratwurst, Veggie, Fruit Skewers
This is an easy way to keep that all American touch with a cleaned up hot dog and adding a few veggies to everyone's plate! Uncured and nitrate free are such a big deal for sausages and hot dogs. I get not every hot dog you and your kiddos eat in life may be uncured but think about it like this - When you get to choose, choose uncured, higher quality sausages. This means less processing, less fake ingredients, typically less sodium, and better for the inside parts of your body that come under stress over time due to processed foods.

Baby Red Potato Salad
Because potatoes. Do I even need to explain why I added a potato salad to the menu?! Here is a way to clean it up, balance the meal with a starch, and packed with flavor without being THAT person that doesn't have potato salad at your cookout.

Mini Fruit Pizzas
I chose this dessert for three reasons: 1) fruit factor to continue balancing the menu, 2) because kids love it when you serve anything pizza, and 3) this recipe allows someone to control their portion with single cookie (no shame!) or choose to have fruit only for dessert. If you are food allergy mama like me or know someone with food allergies will be attending your party, serve a vegan cream spread like Violife which is my current favorite!

So, let me know if you what you think. Was this helpful? Did you make any of these for your holiday cookout? I love to hear from you!

How to Create the Most Refreshing Flavored Water Bar

If you're wondering what beverages to serve at your next party, set up a flavor infused water bar. Here's how to create a refreshing station that will serve your guests well and add a pop of color and flavor.

A flavor infused water bar or station is such a simple way to keep your guests hydrated while adding extra flair, color, and even personality to your party. I love flavored water because let’s be honest – it makes me feel fancy. Other benefits are for your guests that choose to abstain from cocktails, a girlfriend that can’t have a cocktail while pregnant, and even your kids will want to drink more water when they see the fruit and colors. It gives your guests a flavor packed beverage.

You can elevate the bev station to be as over the top as you please or keep it low key. It really depends on the type of party or gathering that you’re hosting. For a Memorial Day cookout with family and friends, blueberries, strawberries, pitchers, and plastic cups will complete the set-up! For a baby shower brunch, serve in beautiful stemmed wine glasses and lots of garnishes.

Here are the basic steps to create your flavored water bar.
Step 1 - Recipes: Choose 2-3 recipes that provide variety in flavors. For example: 1) Strawberry-Blueberry-Mint, 2) Cucumber, 2) Pineapple. Checkout The Food Network’s Best Flavored Water recipes.

Step 2 - Serving Pieces: I like using different types and size pitchers and vessels for this. I love clear glass wine and champagne bottles also! Choose pitchers or beverage dispensers based on the number of people you are serving.

Step 3 - Prep: Plan when you will prep your recipes. The fruit needs to be in the water at least 2 hours before serving so the flavors will infuse. Ideally, the fruit and especially herbs do not remain in the water more than 6 hours. You can prepare the water the night before, remove the fruit and herbs, and then serve fresh fruit and herbs on your station as garnish.

Step 4 - Set Up: Make sure you have plenty of space to place your pitches/dispensers, glassware/cups, fruit and herbs for garnish, beverage napkins, and anything else you choose to include for décor.

Share your ideas and pictures from your flavored water bar! I would love to see what you do. 

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