November 13, 2016

National Adoption Month: Meant to Be (Week 2)

Today, I read Matthew 11:28-30 and had a vivid flashback that caused silent tears to stream down my face as I relived an incredibly difficult moment in my life. I was sitting on our sofa in our little cottage in Memphis and reading this verse over and over and over and over. The phone was sitting right beside me. I could hardly breathe. I was tired. I was scared. I was waiting on the fertility clinic to call and let me know if I was pregnant.
When the phone rang, I could hardly say, "Hello" through the tears.
I was not pregnant.
I was devastated.
I was heartbroken.
I knew it was not meant to be.
I was having a hard time dealing with that.

Today, I know there was something else meant to be.
I am meant to be my son's mama through adoption.

My husband and I actually knew this was meant to be a few weeks after that devastating phone call.
We didn't know how, when, son or daughter, but we knew we were meant to be parents.
Instead of spending another $13,000 on IVF, we talked about how there were so many children in this world that will be placed for adoption. We decided to exhale from infertility treatments and pray about adoption.
That was in 2009. Our son was born in 2015.
We had a whole list of reasons why we waited. We wanted to move home, near family. We stashed a lot of cash for adoption expenses. We built a house for stability. We researched all the ways one can adopt domestically. We cross our t's and dotted our i's.
But you know the real reason?
God had already selected the most perfect, precious, happy baby boy for us. We just had to wait on him to enter this world.

During those six years, I never really wavered in my belief that God intended for us to be parents and that we were to adopt our child. Of course there were moments of doubt, impatience, heartache, and very candid conversations with God. Adoption is many things, but it is not easy.
Adoption is beauty from brokenness.
Adoption is a world of its own.
Adoption is something that will bring you to your knees and closer to God than you may have ever imagined.
Adoption is worth it.
If God places the desire in your heart to be a mama, cling to it. Do not let go.
If he calls you to adopt one of his children, embrace it. Consider it an honor.
You may experience heartache. You may not know how or when it will happen, but God does.
God will make good on his promise.
Our primary role as mamas in waiting is to trust. Trust God with his plan. Trust our partner when he expresses his desires. Trust our own heart.

If you have not yet considered adoption, I encourage you to open your heart and mind to it. Ask God specifically to guide you to it or away from it.
Back in 2009, we confidentially shared with those closest to us that we had "decided to adopt". That makes me laugh now. We didn't decide; that's not how it works.
God calls you to adoption.
This is his work, not ours. These are his babies, and he moves mountains to make sure they are placed in their chosen mama and daddy's arms.

If you are interested in learning more about adoption, I would love to talk with you,, and/or connect you with our consultant, Katie Fenska with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC),

(So...this is being posted in the third week of National Adoption Month. I appreciate all slack you can give for recognizing that I have a toddler, about 34 balls in the air right now, and am behind. Also, please recognize the fact that my OCDs require that I include Week 2 in the post title to keep things flowing instead of Week 3  Part 1. I promise to work my hardest to get the real Week 3 posted in the real Week 3. *Smile* Sincerely, SFM)

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