January 17, 2017

Goodbye Comfort Zone! Hello Results! Core De Force Review

Guess who almost didn’t do Beachbody’s newest workout program, Core De Force….ME!
Guess who loved it…ME!

This workout is fun!
Core De Force is based on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) moves and created to target the core region. The abdominal muscles can be such a difficult area to work, so each move in Core De Force is rotational, working the core from 360 degrees. It sounded awesome, but I was hesitant. The trainers have fun personalities and kept me engaged. It really is unlike any program I have done before! Of course, I felt goofy doing some of the moves, but I modified when I needed and kept moving.
Goodbye comfort zone!
I made up a lot of excuses why I didn’t want to do it. MMA isn’t my personal style of working out; it doesn’t require weights (I have this thing that I really, really like workouts with weights – even light ones.); was already thinking about starting a different program. I was full of the excuses.

I realized that I was really making excuses to stay within my comfort zone. See, I’m not coordinated (at all) and not a huge fan of cardio. Then, I began thinking how I encourage women on a daily basis to step outside their comfort zones and do something different. If I want to lead my fitness Challenge Groups with integrity, how can I not step out myself?! Once I conceded with this – and saw some results of a fellow Coach – I changed my attitude, committed, and ordered it.

Workout structure.
Just like a boxing match, each set of moves lasts 3 minutes. Each workout has between 6 – 12 rounds. There is a cardio spike in each round to get your heart rate up which in turn burns fat. The program is designed for 30 days, but it did take me a bit longer. I repeated Week 2 after missing multiple workouts during my first attempt at Week 2.
Core focus, plus more.
The focus is core, but it also worked my arms and back with all the push-ups and planks. The MMA moves and tempo also increased my heart rate enough to create a cardio effect. I don’t usually sweat a lot during my workouts, but some of these left me drenched. I recently noticed that I am lifting my 26 pound toddler a higher and able to hold him longer without fatigue. My mama arms can appreciate this!

I admit it was a struggle to stay focused between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I am so thankful to have done it during that time, because nutrition is key to defining our abs. Those workouts intentionally targeting my core helped counter much of the extra food consumed during all the holiday gatherings.
Hello Results!
I am SO happy with my results!
Physically, I maintained my current weight during the holidays, increased my upper strength, and now see more definition in my abs.
Mentally, this workout boosted my confidence by doing something so different than my preferred workouts with weights.
As a Coach, I can now share my personal experience to support other women hesitant to try this program!

If you are interested in more details about Core De Force or would like support in finding the right fitness program to meet your health goals, I would love to be your Coach! Each month, I support women through fitness accountability challenge groups.
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