March 1, 2017

How I Adjusted My Meal Plan

So, I’m on Day 17 of what I and a couple of other mamas are calling our Wholly Fit meal plan. What does that mean? It means I have eliminated grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar (processed and natural) from my weekly meal plans with very few exceptions.

If you are considering going sugar, dairy, legume, and/or grain free, I encourage you to make a balanced meal plan each week. Whatever you do, don’t try to tackle this without a meal plan. The first few days to a week can be brutal as your body withdraws especially from the sugar, so you need the meal plan to tell you what to eat.
Think of the popular Whole30 plan but with a little more realistic approach. Realistic as in I work at least eight hours a day outside my home, have a very active toddler at home, and want to thrive instead of deprive myself. Before I ever heard of Whole30, I learned how to essentially detox from these types of foods following Robb Wolfe who has been a pioneer in the Paleo world. There are so many no grain, sugar, and dairy meal plans out there. The important thing is to find the one that you identify with the most and go for it!

The staple exception for me is Shakeology. Because let’s face it, Shakeology is GREAT, made of whole foods, and provides my body with the vitamins I need to thrive. Hello…..B12 deficiency cured because of it. Shakeology helps me thrive, so it stays in my meal plan. End of story. The other exceptions have been the few times I fell off my wagon with some choices while out to dinner that did include small amounts of sugar and dairy and one chocolate chip mishap. I am hanging tough with being grain free and proud of that!

Even with a meal plan around Day 3, I was shutting down. Thankfully, one of my Wholly Fit partners pointed out that I was not eating enough healthy fats. That day, I ate a big cobb salad (no corn) with avocado and bacon. I think I actually felt my brain relaxing.
Other than Day 3, the only other really difficult hurdle was Day 15. I caved and raided the Enjoy Life chocolate chip stash with a handful of delicious, glorious chocolate chunks. I did it and let it go. What was done was done.

So far, I am thriving this week and rocking my meal plan! More details to share on Day 30!
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