April 11, 2017

Conquering P90X3 and Program Review

I FINALLY finished Day 90 of the P90X3 fitness program, whoop whoop!

If you follow me, you have probably heard me talk about how P90X and P90X3 is one of the only things I knew about Beachbody for years and before joining a challenge group. P90X3 is also the workout that I started and stopped more times than any other. I never made it past 56 days or Block 2. Even when I did make it more than a few weeks, I never consistently showed up or followed the schedule – and definitely never followed a clean meal plan during those failed attempts.
So, that’s why P90X3 was my redemption program. It was important that I conquer this program and close that start/stop chapter. Guess what – I rocked it! Is that too boastful? Nah, because I worked hard and that is exciting, joyful – not boasting!

P90X3 Overview
P90X3 is a spinoff or condensed version of P90X with some familiar moves but not considered a graduate program. It has a slower tempo so totally opposite of 21 Day Fix - my workout jam. Each workout is 30 minutes including warm-up. This is so handy for a working mama. A positive to the slower pace is that my son who is 21 months can run around me, because most moves are controlled. I love it when he joins his daddy or me during a workout!
I don’t know that single workouts burn as many calories as ChaLEAN Extreme or 21 Day Fix, so I’m glad that I adjusted my meal plan to be more restricted while doing a majority of this program. (Check out details on how I adjusted here.)

Tony Horton is one of Beachbody’s Super Trainers that created and leads workouts. If you have ever done one of Tony’s workouts before, then you know he has his own quirky sayings and workout humor. My favorite is “Do your best and forget the rest.” After all, that’s what it’s all about for me and what I share with challengers that participate in my fitness accountability groups. We’re not here to focus on perfection. My goal is always progress and doing what we can. Doing our best will take us much farther than focusing on what we could do better!
P90X3 has a 90 calendar that tells you exactly what workout you will do on what day. The fact that I don’t have to decide which workout to do when and what equipment to use, is such a help. The calendar supports consistency and keeps me focused. All I have to do is show up to my bonus room, look at the calendar, and push play on my Beachbody on Demand account to stream the workouts. Ta-dah!
This is where I struggled for so many years when it came to my fitness and nutrition. I would flat give up, cave to temptation, dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, skip a few days of working out, and that would be the end. I used to tell myself things like those trainers and people doing the workouts are probably body builders and convince myself I would never see big results so I might as well just stop. Girl, don't fall into that trap any more! (I'm talking you and myself here!) The only way we will see results is to stay consistent. People like to say, "that's when the magic happens..." There is no magic. There is showing up more days than not, and putting in the work - that includes nutrition too. P90X3 is a testament to showing up consistently. Those 90 days take commitment and endurance. That's why it feels so good to finally complete this program!

I intentionally didn’t weight or measure for this program. I know, I know!! People love a good weight loss or inches lost number, and I typically measure at the beginning and end of each program. The focus was different for me on this one. I had one goal - start and complete. The most important results are the ones that I can feel without weighing or measuring.
My upper and core strength increased, my arms and abs are more defined, and the best result of all is the feeling of accomplishing something that used to feel impossible!!

Join Me
Sister, join me in focusing on the big picture!! Yes, pounds and inches are clear indicators of results, but there is much more to this healthy journey of being fit from within. I want to feel good in my skin, honor this one body I have been given, have a clear mind, and strive for balance (btw - balance doesn't mean perfection...it means give and take!).

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