July 6, 2017

The Shift Shop Meal Plan Overview

The Shift Shop fitness program created by Supertrainer Chris Downing launches next week!
Soon after that, my Slim and Shred Shift Shop Challenge Group will begin on July 17th!!

If you are wondering what the Shift Shop program is, who the newest Supertrainer is, and how to get in this Challenge, click HERE.
Then come hurry right back to this post and learn about the Shift Shop meal plan!

Shift Shop Meal Plan 
Chris introduces a ramp up effect in this program that takes your body to a new level each week. What this means is that you won’t plateau and will have rapid results. Nutrition is a big part of this plan. For optimal results, you are going to need to follow this plan.

We will focus on meal plan and prep a lot during the July Slim and Shred Challenge.

Follows the Portion Fix container system first introduced by Autumn Calabrese. The difference is the Yellow container food list is more limited than with other programs.
Yellow container portions are decreased each week with protein and veggies increasing. This is similar to carb cycling.
You may feel hungry with reduced carbs but you will not lack in nutrients and protein.

Beachbody shared this image when the program was introduced back in April. You can see how it changes weekly.
Since the program doesn’t officially launch until July 12th, that’s all I can share with you now!

Shift Shop Launch Challenge Group
I am excited to lead a group of women through this program. If you’re ready for a shift in your nutrition and ramp up your fitness, complete this form to get in the online challenge group!

Fill out my online form.
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