July 30, 2017

Shift Shop Review: Week 1

We are wrapping up Week 1 of Shift Shop, and let me tell you – this program is for real! 

I am so pumped to be able to share such a comprehensive program with my Launch Challenge Group! It really is the whole package, exercises that leave you a sweaty mess, solid nutrition plan that fuels your body, and a complete recipe book and meal plans already created for you if you chose to follow them! The creator Chris Downing is one of the most motivational trainers that we have! I loved getting to hear him share about this program at our annual Coach Summit. I was super pumped to be one of the few coaches that earned a pic with him! (fan girl moment!)
As someone that started this coaching business as a challenger, I know how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to start something new. So every resource I can provide to my challengers is just one more way of setting the group up for success. To kick off Week 1, our challenge group met virtually and did the very first workout together! It got us jazzed and was so uplifting to come together in that way!
Ok, let’s talk workouts. This program is for real but totally possible to modify. Week 1 alternates between 25 minute cardio and strength workouts six days with a 12 minute core workout two of those six days. There is the option to rest on Sunday or a mobility workout. 

Every single day I have been shocked at how much I sweat without being winded. It really is such a new way of working out for me. My body is already responding to new reps and the pace. I love getting to do this for the first time alongside my challengers and learn as they do! It seems like Day 3 was hard for so many in our group and even Day 4 for some. Maybe it was a combo of pushing ourselves and following our meal plans diligently or we psyched ourselves out. I don't know, but it was tough. I can't believe for second when this program was previewed to Coaches back in the Spring that I was hesitant to do it! It is stretching my challengers and I so far outside our comfort zone and proving we are capable of doing awesome things with our minds and bodies!
I decided to incorporate Beachbody’s Performance Energize into my daily routine. This has been a game changer for my ability to still be able to push hard by the end of each workout. This is a program that ramps up over three weeks, but I can feel each workout ramping up about half way through.
My husband is a week ahead of me and says it definitely ramps up in Week 2! I can tell, because his shirt has been soaked!

I have taken myself back to the role of challenger while still leading my challengers through this. Personally, digging deep in these workouts are symbolic for where I am right now as a health and fitness coach. For the longest, I viewed being a coach as a hobby. Thankfully, it has grown into something much more fruitful and meaningful. My goal to help people be healthy has turned into a mission-focused business that is growing. That is exciting and scary! So while my business is shifting forward, I have to remember not to shift my focus away from the ultimate goal. 
Something I love helping people do is learn how to view nutrition as fuel for our bodies. So when Chris Downing, Shift Shop creator, talks about fuel, I get jazzed and want to give him a fist bump! Here’s the scoop on the meal plan for Week 1. If you are used to the Portion Fix system, Week 1 won’t really be that much different. I do see a lot of people push the boundaries on the Portion Fix system, but you must follow the food list provided for Shift Shop. So far Beachbody has provided us with 81 recipes that are Shift Shop approved! Of course, you can create your own or use other ones, but why when they have done the hardest part of finding healthy recipes for us?!
You can see my entire Week 1 meal plan below!

To sum up Week 1, here are my major take-a-ways:
Try before you modify
These workouts are for real and will make you sweat
Day 3 was the hardest so far for me and many in this challenge group

This program takes preparation and discipline but you can do it
We are learning how to get better together. Challenge groups really are one of the coolest things I have ever experienced

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