September 16, 2017

3 Day Refresh Details and Results

Until earlier this year, I never had a desire to do a cleanse. Primarily because of the name in the of itself sounded terrifying. My perception changed after I researched the 3 Day Refresh and did it. Let's all agree that calling it a Refresh sounds a lot better than a cleanse!

First things first, what is the Refresh? The Refresh is a healthy alternative to the traditional cleanses that don't provide nutritional values. Team Beachbody created a stratight-foward, 3 Day program that will give you a clean break from bad nutrition habits, feel immediately cleaner, lighter, and more healthy without starving yourself! So think about it like this - If you have fallen off the healthy eating wagon and want to ump right bac
k on, the Refresh will help. 

So what comes with the Refresh? The Refresh kit provides you with three packets of Shakeology, three Fiber Sweeps, six packets of Vanilla Fresh, and nutritional guides. There are not artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, caffeine, or preservatives.

How do you Refresh? You have Shakeology and fruit for breakfast. Mid-morning, you have Fiber Sweet as a snack. For lunch, you have veggies, fruit, and a healthy fat from the list in the nutrition guide, as well as Vanilla Fresh. Another snack mid-afternoon that is more veggies and another healthy fat. For dinner, you choose a meal from the nutrition guide and a second Vanilla fresh shake.

What is not part of the Refresh is living in the bathroom for 3 days. You also do not starve. The Vanilla Fresh shake has 20 grams of plant-based protein, as a well as nutrients and probiotics. It is actually very filling!
Ok, so what kind of Results does it provide? The first Refresh I did in June served multiple purposes, including weight loss. Fast forward a few months to this week, and I just finished my second Refresh with my only focus being Non Scale Victories (NSVs). 

Lately, I have been snacking on my son's food even when I'm not hungry. When I got home from the office, I was immediately thinking about what snack to sneak from the pantry. I was bored with my food and not following the portions that I plan each week. 

I already know the Refresh will provide weight loss results from my experience. In June, I lost 4.6 pounds and 3.875 inches in 3 Days. So yes, there is weight loss with Refresh! 
June 2017 Before and After
This time, my only weight comparison is from the last time I stepped on the scales mid-August. According to the scale today, I lost 2 pounds. I haven't been perfect in my nutrition overall this past month, so I will give 3 Day Refresh credit for those 2 pounds.

Back to my real reasons for doing this - NSVs!
  • Gratitude: I was sincerely grateful to God for each piece of food I ate during the Refresh. Not because I was starving at each snack or meal, but it shines such a perspective on how I take for granted the availability of food and the quantities I have available to me.
  • Snacking: I caught myself multiple times reaching for my son's food when I wasn't even hungry. Each time, I stopped myself and recognized this impulse. I realized this has become such a natural tendency and by Day 3 wasn't reaching anymore. 
  • Bloating: This can be a NSV and weight result, but I am focusing on the NSV piece of it. In 3 days, I lost all bloating in my belly, and my fingers were smaller. This tells me something in my normal diet is causing bloating. Now, I can work to identify what that is as I reintroduce meat, other veggies and fruit.
  • Mindset: Realizing the Portion Fix nutrition program that I primarily follow is AMAZING and SIGNIFICANT portions. Going back to these balanced portions seems like a gift. 
How often can you Refresh? You can do it monthly, responsibly. I plan to Refresh quarterly around holidays, vacations, or when I may have gotten way off track in my nutrition.

If you are interested in doing the 3 Day Refresh, I can help you! If you would like more long-term support, you can join my upcoming September Sweat Sesh 30 day challenge to kick-off our new Fall Boot Camp. We will focus on clean eating with Shakeology and fitness programs to match your personal goals. I provide resources and teach all that I have learned! 

Fall is a cray time of year, so join me! I will help you get back or stay on track!

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