October 20, 2017

Time-Saving Tips to Help Busy Moms Create a Healthy Lifestyle

As a toddler mama, extra or free time feels about as extinct as my son's favorite animal right now, DIN-SAUR! 

I get it. Time is precious and there isn't a mama out there that feels like she has an extra minute in the day. So as a healthy lifestyle coach, I encourage busy moms to do something that seems absolutely absurd - make time for themselves by making their health a priority. A lot of times, and you may be thinking, "Ain't nobody got time for that." 
But hear me out. Yes, you can. 
Regardless of that mom-guilt ringing in your head and heart, mama you are allowed to have your own goals! 

Here are some tips on how to save time and do more when it comes to living a healthy life.

It's ok to say "no"
It's okay to set boundaries. So often, I see mamas running ragged because they feel like they will let others down if they don't commit. I'm here to tell you from personal experience, when you over commit and can't do things well, that is when you let people down that are counting on you! Sometimes, it's not even about saying no but more about thinking about what you're actually saying yes to in life!

Avoid the morning shuffle
Do as much as you can to prepare for the next day, before your head hits the pillow at night. Here are some simple ways to get things together.
  • Pack snacks and lunches
  • Layout my workout clothes
  • Place all bags together and near the door
  • Stay off social media until everything is set to go
Learn to meal plan and prep
Plan what your family will have for the week ahead and get your grocery shopping done. This will prevent multiple trips to the grocery, as well as wasting time thinking about what you will cook each night. Regardless if you prep on Sunday or Monday, cook full meals or simply wash and cut produce to be cooked during the week, get as much as you can done in advance. Meal planning and prep are huge time savers in the long run! Click HERE for more meal prep tips.

Put yourself first
This may seem selfish but is actually the opposite. For me, this means waking up before my family to have my quiet time in prayer, get in a daily 30 minute workout, work on my coaching business, and finish any last minute lunch assembly. I get these things done first thing, and it helps me with my focus and energy level to care for my family.

Track your time
If you're not getting everything done every day, it may be that you have unrealistic plans or it could mean that you aren't being as efficient as you think. Time management is something I learned in my career as a former event and meeting planner. I had to create these very tight timelines that including setting up to how long a speaker had on stage. 
Start tracking how long it takes you to do different tasks. Then you will know how much you can actually plan to accomplish each day. You may also find that once you begin tracking, you work more efficiently! This will surely help you identify tasks and non-essential things like TV binging that sucking your time!

These are just a few ideas on how to make this busy life a little stressful! What are some other ways you save and maximize time for your family and health?

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