December 20, 2017

80 Day Obsession Focus and Nutrition

I am a lot of things, good and not-so-good, but obsessed is not a word that I relate to often or find describes my thoughts and actions very well. Maybe I have tunnel vision at times about a project or planning something, but obsessed seems a bit over the top.

So with the launch of this new fitness and nutrition program, 80 Day Obsession, I had a difficult time wrapping my mind around how I can relate to it personally and share about it with others. In no way do I ever want to convey a message that women become obsessed with the scale or body type. That is exactly the opposite of what I am all about. But something clicked last night while I was on a call with the creator of the program. She explained what it is and isn’t. It is not about the obsession with calories or body image. The obsession is about being healthy and pushing yourself to see how *well* you can take care of yourself. That perspective lit my fire, and I’m all in now!

If you follow me on my Facebook or Instagram, you at least know that I am all about working on being the best me through faith, family, fitness, and nutrition. Also, you likely know that I support other women in doing the same as a healthy lifestyle coach. My role and truly honor is to teach people how to get in shape, how to meal plan, and eat clean while balancing a busy life. Programs like 80 Day Obsession allow me to do that by providing you with access to an online library of workouts that are proven to give results, nutrition plans that are customized to your needs, as well as accountability and support. Any time there is a new program like this, I do my homework to find out what it entails and who it will benefit the most. That is part of my job as a coach, and I love it!

My focus is both physical and faith. I am recalibrating my own fitness and nutrition routine after a rocky fall. I have gained weight and inches, as well as lost definition from not being consistent. Any of you mamas that endured a season of ear infections and a set of tubes/adenoids removed feeling me?! I won’t lie and say that this weight gain has affected how I feel about my body. Not in a body shaming way, but my body plays a role in being my best self. I am not at my best when I am crabby putting on my favorite jeans or leggings and feel just how tight they are on my thighs and booty. I also feel sluggish, moody, and overall less energy than when I am nailing my workouts. So, there is definitely a personal physical focus. Maybe you too. There is no judging here!

I’m also challenging myself to see just how healthy I can be by leaning into Christ for the strength to do it. I am going to pray through every step of this journey, listening to God for guidance, and what He reveals to me about myself. It takes 21 days to create a habit, but to create deep, significant change, it takes around 3 months. Just so happens that is right around 80 days. 
So let’s get to it. What is the 80 Day Obsession all about?

This program is about total body transformation. Even with a little more focus on booty and abs, you will see lean muscle definition in your legs and arms. It is 80 days of focus on fitness and nutrition over 13 weeks.

It is intermediate to intense! Stay with me here – don’t panic! There is a modifier but not the traditional modifier. Consider the modifier taking the reps from a 10 to 6-7. However, you can still modify the modifier if you need that. Workouts average 45 minutes to one hour; so this in itself is a change for a lot of spoiled by those 30 minute workouts!

You follow a professionally calibrated meal plan that is perfectly timed to balance macro-nutrients through the day. There is science behind this, and it works! The time nutrition is designed to give you the best results at each phase of the program.
Yes, the program is intense and designed to get you in the best shape of your life! To me, the intensity and challenge is so worth it! I loved when Autumn told our team during the private call, “If you want something different, you gotta do something different.” Each workout is different for 80 Days. That is awesome, right?!

There is no coincidence this program is launching in January. I encourage you to start thinking NOW about your health in 2018! There are open spots in my 80 Day Obsession Launch Challenge Group, so what are you waiting for?! We will START later this week with some preview workouts, daily devotions, and a trial of timed nutrition. The Launch Challenge begins January 8th with prep week, then Day 1 of workouts begins January 15th. So let’s get started with your plan!
Because I am your coach, you will have access to Autumn Calabrese in different ways than some other groups. We will apply food freedom, elimination, and emotional eating methods to help you in this group. 

As part of a Launch Challenge Group, you will be one of the FIRST to ever complete this program. That is such an awesome experience that I love sharing with my Challengers!

If you’re ready to rock 2018 and go all in, here’s what to do:
  1. Complete the application below. 
  2. Join my Prepare to Be Obsessed Launch Group on Facebook. 
  3. Let’s collaborate on choosing the best package, so you can order before December 31st for a special gift from me. 

Fill out my online form.
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