January 2, 2018

Too Busy for the Good Things

It's that time when we reflect on last year and plan for the year ahead. A thought grabbed my attention today.

Being too busy for the GOOD things in life may not be about time management problem after all. Instead, it could be a priority problem.

I almost want drop the mic and stop right there, but more is on my heart.
So keep reading if you're intrigued.

It's a new year. Fresh start. 365 blank pages.
How this goes down...
How you will fill those pages...
The story you will write in 2018...
Is ALL up to you.

You want to read the Bible this year? Find a plan and read it.
You want to learn how to cook this year? Start practicing with simple recipes.
You want to learn how to eat healthy? Learn how to eat balanced and how to meal plan.
You are tired of being tired? Start working out.
You want to make BIG things happen? Believe in yourself and take action.

I've been there. Too busy. Unsure where to start. Paralyzed with fear to take the first step. Quitting before I succeed. Instead of having a shirt, I had the extra weight, low self-esteem, depressing thoughts to prove it.
It took me a long time to figure out how to change my story - how to write the one I so badly wanted. But I did.
Sister, you can too!

I would love to support you in my faith+fitness+nutrition challenge groups. Truly!
But most of all, I want to share that only YOU can make the change. My challenge groups, a points system, low carbing it, a not-so-magic-pill, or even an Instant Pot (and those things are sorta life changing - HA!) will not change you.
You have to be willing to prioritize what you want.
Commit to it.
Act on it.

If you're ready to make your health and fitness a priority in 2018, complete the application below. Let's get you in my next health and fitness accountability group!

We begin January 8th with Nutrition 101. Workouts (in your own home!) begin January 15th.
Fill 2018 with good things!

Fill out my online form.
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