June 5, 2018

My Health Transformation from the Inside-Out

Ok, it’s almost a handstand and maybe I did climb up the wall to get there but it felt good and exciting!

Feeling capable and confident enough to climb that wall took a lot of work. It started well before this picture was snapped.

Almost three years ago, I

felt weighted down.
I had no energy.
My body was changing in ways that I didn’t like.
I was uncomfortable in every pair of pants – even the loose ones.

One night as a new mama, I was holding my brand new baby and almost panicked thinking about chasing him around the back yard. I pictured him growing up and witnessing me lashing out in the mornings before work when none of my clothes fit. I even started comparing myself to other moms. I realized, how unhappy I was with my current self and that if I didn’t figure out how to lose the weight and create healthy habits, it was going to affect my entire family.

So, I prayed, joined an accountability group (against my husband’s disbelief), and showed up!
I told myself that I was going to change for myself and my family.
When my baby boy slept very little, I still woke up and worked out before going to the office.
When he was sleeping, I meal prepped.
When he woke during a workout, we played and he joined me.
Within three weeks, I felt amazing. I honestly don’t remember ever feeling that good before then.

I promised myself I would never go back to feeling the way I did – on the inside or about my body.
And I am not breaking that promise.

So to the mama that desperately wants to make a change, lose the weight, find your motivation, dig deep. Promise yourself you will do it. You absolutely can!

Each month, I lead at least one accountability group online to help other women that are ready for a change. We focus on nutrition plans, meal planning, and meal prep. Some groups are paired with a fitness program and others exercise is optional. I would love to support you in your very own transformation. 

Complete this to tell me a little bit more about you and your goals. 

Fit from within,

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