May 24, 2019

How to Create the Most Refreshing Flavored Water Bar

If you're wondering what beverages to serve at your next party, set up a flavor infused water bar. Here's how to create a refreshing station that will serve your guests well and add a pop of color and flavor.

A flavor infused water bar or station is such a simple way to keep your guests hydrated while adding extra flair, color, and even personality to your party. I love flavored water because let’s be honest – it makes me feel fancy. Other benefits are for your guests that choose to abstain from cocktails, a girlfriend that can’t have a cocktail while pregnant, and even your kids will want to drink more water when they see the fruit and colors. It gives your guests a flavor packed beverage.

You can elevate the bev station to be as over the top as you please or keep it low key. It really depends on the type of party or gathering that you’re hosting. For a Memorial Day cookout with family and friends, blueberries, strawberries, pitchers, and plastic cups will complete the set-up! For a baby shower brunch, serve in beautiful stemmed wine glasses and lots of garnishes.

Here are the basic steps to create your flavored water bar.
Step 1 - Recipes: Choose 2-3 recipes that provide variety in flavors. For example: 1) Strawberry-Blueberry-Mint, 2) Cucumber, 2) Pineapple. Checkout The Food Network’s Best Flavored Water recipes.

Step 2 - Serving Pieces: I like using different types and size pitchers and vessels for this. I love clear glass wine and champagne bottles also! Choose pitchers or beverage dispensers based on the number of people you are serving.

Step 3 - Prep: Plan when you will prep your recipes. The fruit needs to be in the water at least 2 hours before serving so the flavors will infuse. Ideally, the fruit and especially herbs do not remain in the water more than 6 hours. You can prepare the water the night before, remove the fruit and herbs, and then serve fresh fruit and herbs on your station as garnish.

Step 4 - Set Up: Make sure you have plenty of space to place your pitches/dispensers, glassware/cups, fruit and herbs for garnish, beverage napkins, and anything else you choose to include for décor.

Share your ideas and pictures from your flavored water bar! I would love to see what you do. 

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