Hi there! My name is Christie. I am mama to my Little Guy and wife to my Big Guy. I love Jesus, my family, and have a servant heart. I'm so happy that our paths have crossed here.

My vision for this blog is to share healthy tips and recipes, while inspiring others to be their best self. I also want this to be a place for SOULFITmamas of all types to share their real-life experiences as it relates to living a healthy, faithful, and giving back. 

As a new mama, I knew it was time to find a way to create lasting, healthy habits. No more starting and stopping, fad diets, and most of all feeling defeated from lack of commitment to my health. My skinny jeans were obscenely tight. I constantly felt bloated. I was exhausted from deficient B12 and sleep deprived because of my three month old. In the South, this is what we call a Hot Mess. There were likely other women somewhere whispering “Bless her heart.”

One morning before sunrise and leaving for a business trip, I stood in my kitchen and leaned on the island. I bowed my head and prayed something like this if not verbatim, “Dear Lord, please show me a way. Help me get myself together and in shape.” I didn’t really know at the time if I had it in me, but I prayed for it.

Later that day, I saw a Facebook post from a high school classmate. She was going to lead this thing called a fitness and accountability Challenge Group - Women coming together to workout for 30 days, learn to eat balanced food, meal plan, meal prep, and daily devotions. She was looking for 5 or 7 (I forget numbers easily) women for this group!

I jumped on that Challenge Group like…I can’t think of anything clever at the moment but I was all in. Every morning, I crawled out of bed, pushed play on my iPad, and did my workout in my dining room while my tiny baby slept. I lost weight and inches, learned how to eat the right amount and types of whole foods, and gained an amazing perspective of WHY I truly want to be healthy.
I want to be healthy for my husband, my son, and to care for the one and only body that God gave me. All of these things.

Not only did I experience great results from Team Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix fitness and meal program, I decided to become a Coach and lead my very own Challenge Groups! I had this overwhelming desire to share this amazing experience with other women!

So, here I am a year later. Still committed to my own health and fitness and coaching others along their own journey. And let me tell you, I love it!!

This blog is a dream come true! While working on myself spiritually and physically, I felt called to support and motivate other women to implement healthy habits with faith as a focal point. Soon after I became a Coach, I realized this overwhelming desire to create a forum through this blog for women to seek inspiration, as well as share their own stories. Ultimately, I realized I was being called to help other mamas get SOULFIT with me. So, as you explore this site, I along with other women will share their personal spiritual and fitness experiences. I am blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women and want you to be blessed by them as well through their guest posts.

What I do as a Coach
Each month I take at least one group of women under my mama wing and support them through fitness accountability challenge groups. I experienced first-hand, how impactful an accountability coach can be when starting my own healthy journey.

As a Coach, I provide my Challengers with daily encouragement, motivation, and incorporate faith as a critical aspect. I educate each group on the importance of nutrition and how to create meal plans consisting of primarily whole foods. 

My favorite part of being a Coach is celebrating with Challengers as they reach their goals. Whether its supporting a new mom get back in her pre-baby weight clothes or a woman of 60 years realizing she can do a plank for the first time, their victories fill my heart with joy.
This is who I am and how SOULFITmama came to be.
I would love to get to know your story and support your healthy journey.
If you desire daily inspiration, need an accountability partner, or are just looking for a way to create healthy habits, let's chat about my next faith+fitness challenge group!
Here is a way for you to share with me: https://cberry2015.wufoo.com/forms/z1l4tqt011rmnco/

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